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Broken Leg Accidents

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Legs are vital to walking and getting around. Breaking a bone in the leg is a serious injury that can impact mobility, quality of life, and the ability to work. At the Jeffcoat Firm, we have seen firsthand how leg fractures cause an extended period of pain and suffering, costly medical treatment, and keep victims from being able to earn a living and provide for loved ones. From femur fractures in motorcycle accidents, tibia fractures in car accidents, to trimalleolar fractures in slip and fall accidents, leg fractures are very serious, and depending on the type of fracture, may require surgery and extensive rehabilitative therapy. At the Jeffcoat Firm, in every broken leg personal injury claim we handle, our Columbia personal injury lawyers aggressively fight for the maximum compensation our clients deserve and are entitled to. 

Understanding the Anatomy of the Human Leg 

Your leg is composed of four bones (femur, tibia, fibula, and patella) and three joints (hip, knee, and ankle). The joints are critical for maintaining posture and providing mobility. Someone who breaks their legs may not be able to walk for months, causing a major disruption in everyday life and someone’s ability to work and provide for their family. Medical attention following a broken leg is critical because without treatment, a leg may not heal properly and a permanent deformity or infection could result. A splint or cast is usually required to restrict movement and facilitate proper healing. During this time, crutches or a wheelchair may be needed. All of this treatment, combined with the time away from work, can mean a broken leg is a very expensive injury. If both legs are broken, or the femur and one of the lower leg bones are fractured, recovery time can be longer. 

Experienced Advocates for Broken Leg Victims in South Carolina

If you’ve suffered a broken leg in an accident caused by another person’s negligence, you have rights. We want to help you. The Jeffcoat Firm is an award-winning law firm handling cases in Columbia and Lexington. We have a reputation for aggressive and skillful representation, and most importantly, results. Our case results include many insurance settlements for personal injury victims who have suffered leg fractures. To learn more about how we can help you in a Columbia personal injury lawyer, call us at (803)373-1706.


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