What Type of Car Accident Settlement Will I Receive for My Car Crash?

What Type of Car Accident Settlement Will I Receive for My Car Crash in Lexington, South Carolina?

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If you were injured in a Lexington car accident that was not your fault, then you deserve a settlement award to cover the extent of your medical expenses and property damage. Settlement awards are made up of a range of damages that are dependent on the severity and extent of the injuries you suffered in a Lexington, South Carolina car accident. Every Lexington, South Carolina car accident settlement is comprised of different factors and totals a unique sum. Your car accident lawyer can help you calculate the amount you should seek in your car accident lawsuit to cover the damages you sustained.

What Does a Car Accident Settlement Award Cover in Lexington, South Carolina?

Some of the damages you can seek as part of your Lexington, South Carolina car accident settlement include:

  • Medical expenses: Your Lexington, South Carolina car accident settlement award includes any medical expenses you have endured because of your injuries. These expenses can include any treatment, hospital stays, or surgeries that were necessary and required to recover from the injuries that you received in your car accident. Your medical expenses also include any future medical treatment you may need to continue the recovery of your injuries.
  • Lost wages: When you seek a car accident settlement in South Carolina, you have a right to also request compensation for your lost wages from work. You may have missed work for your recovery or been unable to work because of the extent of your injuries. Your settlement award covers these lost wages as well as any future wages you will lose out on due to your inability to work from your car accident injuries. A car accident attorney can calculate your current lost wages as well as any future lost earnings and request them in your settlement award.
  • Pain and suffering: When your injuries are severe and cause you emotional and mental anguish, you
    Lawyer for Car Accident Settlement in Lexington, South Carolina
    Negotiating a car accident settlement can be a headache when taken on alone. Let a lawyer from the Jeffcoat Firm help you.

    deserve pain and suffering damages in your Lexington, South Carolina car accident settlement. This compensation can provide you financial payment for your suffering, and a car accident attorney can help you determine if your losses should be covered under these damages.

  • Loss of enjoyment: The law also allows for a loss of enjoyment as part of your car accident settlement in Lexington. This is when you can no longer enjoy the activities that you once did because of the injuries that you sustained in your car accident. This loss of enjoyment affects your quality of life, and therefore you deserve full and fair compensation for your loss.
  • Loss of consortium: Often, a loss of companionship occurs when a spouse or partner dies or has a change in mental or physical behavior because of their car accident injuries. These damages are recoupable in a car accident settlement award in Lexington, South Carolina, and your car accident lawyer can help you understand the laws relating to these damages in your case.
  • Punitive damages: There are times when the court will order punitive damages against the defendant in your car accident case in Lexington, South Carolina. These damages provide a financial impact on the defendant as punishment for their actions. They also work to act as a deterrent to others that might engage in the same negligent behavior. The judge would need to see just cause for punitive damages, but they could be part of your South Carolina car accident settlement award.

How is a Car Accident Settlement Award Calculated by the Court in Lexington, South Carolina?

It is also important to note that your Lexington, South Carolina car accident settlement is affected by the comparative fault law of the state. This law takes your percentage of fault into account when determining the total settlement award. Your fault is subtracted from the total settlement award, reducing it by your percentage of liability in your car accident. If you are 50 percent or more at fault, no settlement will occur in your case. Speak to your Lexington car accident attorney about your total settlement compensation in relation to your car crash fault.

Schedule a Consultation with a Lexington Car Wreck Lawyer to Discuss Your Car Accident Settlement

When hurt in a car crash, you deserve a car accident settlement award in Lexington, South Carolina. The car accident attorneys at The Jeffcoat Firm can help. We will help you determine the damages in your car accident case and work to get you a settlement that is fair for the injuries that you sustained. Let us fight for your legal right to compensation and get you the justice you deserve. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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