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How Blind Spots Impact Truck Accidents

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Truck accidents are some of the most dangerous traffic accidents, and they are often the result of truck driver negligence. In fact, a truck driver’s inability or failure to effectively check his or her blind spots is a common cause of incident. If a truck driver’s negligence leaves you injured in a truck accident, don’t wait to reach out to an experienced Columbia truck accident attorney.

Big Rigs and Blind Spots

Truck drivers experience wide stretches of blind spots along all four sides of their rigs. Consider the following safety concerns:

  • Left Side Blind Spot – The blind spot on the left side of a semi leaves anyone driving in that space exceptionally vulnerable to accidents caused by trucker drivers who fail to pay careful attention when moving to the left, such as when changing lanes or when making left turns. 
  • Front Blind Spot – A trucker’s front blind spot leaves him or her blind to vehicles that aren’t far enough away, as when truck drivers pull in too close to vehicles in front.
  • Rear Blind Spot – Truckers are also blind to vehicles that ride too close to the rear, and trucker negligence can be the cause when truckers shoehorn themselves into spots on the road that are not large enough.
  • Right Side Blind Spot – A trucker’s right blind spot is the most dangerous of all, and the danger increases when truckers fail to pay adequate attention when moving to the right or making right turns.

An Experienced Truck Accident Attorney Can Help

The accomplished truck accident attorneys at The Jeffcoat Firm – proudly serving Lexington, Columbia, & all of South Carolina – are here to help put maximum compensation into your hands. Contact or call us at (803) 200-2000 today for a free consultation.


Is the truck driver at fault?

Truck drivers are professional drivers who owe everyone else on the road an enhanced duty of care, which means the truck driver may be at fault.

What amount of compensation will I receive? 

You can seek compensation for the damages you suffer, including your medical costs, lost earnings, and pain and suffering.

Do I need an attorney? 

An experienced truck accident attorney can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. 


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