How do you prove that it was the other driver’s fault after an accident?

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How do you prove that it was the other driver’s fault after an accident? Hi, I’m Michael Jeffcoat and this is The Real Deal. I help people just like you get the money that they need to get their lives on track after an accident.

Number one, witnesses who weren’t involved in the actual wreck itself, maybe a bystander. What they have to say is super important. What the drivers and the passengers have to say who were actually involved in the accident, that’s important. Then the last one is physical evidence. Sometimes an accident reconstructionist might need to get involved to evaluate that physical evidence.

So if you need more info, just get in touch with us. If we can help you, we’re going to have your back. I’m Michael Jeffcoat. This is The Real Deal. We’ll see you next time.

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