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How To Choose A Nursing Home – Meet The Neighbors And Staff!

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Don’t Blindly Trust the Salesperson

When you’re researching nursing homes make sure to talk with the residents that live there, their families, caretakers, and staff.

Generally, when you tour a nursing home you’ll be shown around by a salesperson. Their job is to “sell” you on the facility. They are most likely going to avoid discussing any problems or issues with the facility and it’s almost guaranteed that they are not going to bring up the fact that their nursing home may be one that is frequently in trouble for abusing or neglecting their residents.

Go Straight to the Source!

When you’re touring nursing homes make sure to stop and talk with some of the residents. Ask them how they like it there. Ask if they feel well cared for and if they like their caretakers. Ask them what they think of the food. Ask them if they could make changes at the facility what would they do. Do they look well cared for? Do they look well-fed and groomed? Are there any signs of abuse such as bruising or cuts?

Frequently, you may see family members of residents when visiting a nursing home. Ask them similar questions. Do they feel like their loved one is receiving good care? Have they had any complaints against the facility? What (if anything) would they change about the nursing home? Is there anything they wish they had known about the home before their loved one moved in?

It’s also important to meet and observe the caretakers and staff. These are the folks that are supposed to be caring for your loved one each day. Do they appear to be compassionate and caring toward the residents? Do the residents seem to respect and enjoy them, or do they seem frightened of them? Do you get a good feeling from them? Your instincts can be a powerful tool. If something seems “off”, it may be.

You Can Do This!

Picking a nursing home is an important job and can be complex. You can do it! In our series on how to pick a nursing home we’ve covered:

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Our hope is to provide you with some useful actionable steps that can help you make a good choice to help keep your loved one safe and healthy. If you have any questions or if we can be of further help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and speak with our Columbia nursing home abuse lawyers.

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