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Knee and Shoulder Injuries

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When you’re injured, it can significantly reduce your quality of life. An injury to a joint can be exceptionally debilitating as you rely on these body parts for much of your mobility. Knees and shoulders injuries can be particularly unpleasant and can lead to increased medical expenses, a loss of income, and emotional suffering.

If you incurred a knee or shoulder injury that was someone else’s fault, you need to team up with a reliable South Carolina injury lawyer to see to it that you get the compensation you deserve. 


Can I File A Legal Claim for My Knee or Shoulder Injury?

If your knee or shoulder injury was someone else’s fault, you have the right to file a legal claim. Here are some examples of knee and shoulder injuries that call for legal action:

  • Injuries that were the result of a car crash where a negligent driver is at fault
  • A workplace injury caused by unsafe conditions or faulty equipment
  • A slip or fall caused by unsafe conditions on the property
  • A knee or shoulder injury caused by or made worse by negligent hospital care


What Are Some Common Knee Injuries? 

The knee is a complex joint with many components. Therefore, there are a wide variety of knee injuries that are likely to happen, each of which can be quite painful. These include: 

  • Fractures
  • Dislocation
  • ACL (Acute Cruciate Ligament) Injuries
  • Posterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries
  • Meniscal or Tendon Tears

Injuries such as these can make it difficult to walk or bend. This can affect various aspects of your everyday life, including your ability to care for a child, work, and even perform basic household tasks. That is why it is important to seek compensation for these injuries.


What Are Some Common Shoulder Injuries? 

Many of us don’t think much about our shoulders, but once they are injured, we realize how important they are. A shoulder injury can affect simple tasks like reaching for an item, washing the dishes, and even brushing our teeth. 

Some common shoulder injuries include the following:

  • Dislocations
  • Soft Tissue Damage to the Tendons, Ligaments, and Muscles in the Shoulder
  • Fractures of the Scapula, Clavicle or Humerus

Shoulder injuries occur due to extreme force to the joint from sudden pulling and may be caused by a car accident, a physical altercation of unsafe conditions at work. 


What Kind of Compensation Can I Get for My Shoulder or Knee Injury?

If you incurred a knee or shoulder injury, you might need to take time off work. You may need immediate medical care for your injuries and ongoing therapy, which can be quite expensive. Your inability to perform basic tasks can reduce your quality of life. 

If an at-fault party is to blame for your injuries, you can take legal action for your losses, which may include:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Loss of Income from Missed Work
  • Property Damage that May Have Resulted from An Accident
  • Pain, Suffering and Diminished Quality of Life


Teaming Up with a South Carolina Workers Comp Lawyer for your Knee or Shoulder Injury Case

If you have incurred a knee or shoulder injury that was someone else’s fault, it is essential to find a reliable lawyer for legal representation. A lawyer will be able to determine who the at-fault party is, gather evidence to help you build your case and see to it that you get all the compensation you deserve. 

If you are looking for a South Carolina lawyer to represent you, Jeffcoat Injury and Car Accident Lawyers is highly recommended.

Jeffcoat Injury and Car Accident Lawyers has a team of skilled lawyers with years of experience in representing injured clients. They take a client-centered approach, including the people they are serving in every step of the decision-making process and treating them with the care and respect they deserve. Moreover, when it comes to fighting against at-fault parties, they won’t stop until justice is served.

A knee or shoulder injury can significantly reduce the quality of life. Seeking legal justice can help you get your life back so you can move forward. Let Jeffcoat Injury and Car Accident Lawyers help you take this critical step to overcome your injuries and letting the healing process begin. 

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