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Nursing Home Neglect Liability in 2020

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Nursing home neglect is unfortunately and sadly extremely common in South Carolina. Poor conditions and incidents reported over the years at nursing homes have included cockroach infestations, resident abuse, and failure to resuscitate dying patients without properly formulated advance directives. 


In 2020, nursing homes were scary places to be, both with the spread of COVID-19, and the lack of oversight and supervision at facilities where visitors are restricted. Many workers are experiencing overwhelming and stressful conditions, and nursing homes may be understaffed with under-qualified people working. For the residents, this means a lower quality of care. 


Nursing Home Neglect Numbers


According to the Island Packet, more than one-third of the 141 South Carolina COVID-19 deaths as of May 2020 came from nursing homes, specifically a small handful of facilities. WSOTV reported that The Rehab Center of Cheraw reported five COVID-19 deaths over a 30 day period.


About 10 nursing homes experienced breakouts of coronavirus spreading through their facilities, infecting more than half of resident populations. Many of these facilities had prior reports of incidents and low ratings on a federal quality scale. The Jeffcoat Firm is closely monitoring COVID in nursing homes and ongoing abuse and neglect in South Carolina nursing homes. We have filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control to obtain information about which nursing homes in South Carolina have coronavirus. 


Elderly people are extremely vulnerable to abuse, whether it be physically, emotionally, mentally, or even financially. No visitors at nursing homes means no supervision. With many nursing homes restricting visitors during COVID-19, family members are unable to see the care and conditions firsthand, which is deeply concerning. Many residents are unable to communicate with loved ones and report their experiences. 


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