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Passenger Injuries After a Car Accident in Columbia

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If you are a passenger in a car that gets in an accident, you may not realize that you have legal rights. Even though you do not own the vehicle involved in a crash or pay to insure it, you are still entitled to compensation if you are injured. Our experienced Columbia, South Carolina car accident attorneys can help you recover compensation. 

If you’re not driving any of the vehicles involved, you don’t have to worry about potential liability and being blamed for the accident. It is extremely rare for a passenger to be determined to be at fault for an accident. As a passenger, you should gather the contact information of all drivers involved, as well as the details and the facts of the accident. Once available, also obtain a copy of the police report. 

Seeking Medical Care 

We can’t stress enough the importance of prompt medical care following an accident, and following your medical provider’s recommendations for diagnostics and follow-up care, such as visiting a specialist or getting physical therapy. Once your medical care is finished, you will have documentation of your injuries and can reach an insurance settlement with the liable parties. 

Types of Compensation Available

Typically in a South Carolina car accident, compensation is available to cover any expense or loss related to an injury. The most common types of damages are: 

  • Loss of earnings from being unable to work 
  • Loss of future earnings 
  • Medical care bills 
  • Future medical care needed that is related to the accident 
  • The cost associated with altered plans 

When an accident results in the wrongful death of a passenger, different compensation is available for the family members related to the death, including funeral and burial expenses, final medical care, loss of financial contribution, and loss of companionship. 

The Car Accident Attorneys at The Jeffcoat Firm is Here to Help

Car accidents are always unfortunate and often devastating events. Many have very unique scenarios that insurance companies may use to deny or delay fair compensation. Before you accept any compensation offer for your injuries in a South Carolina car accident, contact us for a free consultation. Under our contingency fee agreement, there are no upfront fees or costs. We are only paid when we recover money for you. 


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