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Pit Bull Brutally Attacks Charleston Woman

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A vicious dog attack in Charleston was likened by one witness as a “terror movie” as the pit bull literally pulled at the victim’s body as if it were a toy. The brutal incident happened at the home of Katherine Rizk in Wescott Plantation, and the dog – a pit bull named Tiger – belonged to her husband.

“It was so terrifying,” neighbor Hugo Montoya told the Post and Courier. “I couldn’t believe her own dog would do those things to her. I need to remove that scene from my brain.” Rizk survived the attack, but just barely. Tiger ripped apart her left arm, forcing doctors to amputate at the elbow. The 48-year-old woman lost a great deal of blood and remained in intensive care for some weeks.

South Carolina dog attack lawyer Michael Jeffcoat is no stranger to dog bite litigation in the Columbia and Lexington areas. Under state law, the dog’s owner may be forced to pay damages if the animal has no prior history of biting or aggression toward people.

North Charleston woman attacked by husband’s pit bull

Broken bones, muscle and nerve damage, emotional trauma and extensive scarring are not uncommon injuries in dog attacks. In the case of Katherine Rizk, Tiger had mauled her entire arm, as he dragged her around three different houses, unwilling to let her out of his grip. The pit bill had no history of biting or aggressive tendencies, and Katherine’s spouse was shocked to discover what his beloved pet of three years had done to his wife. The Charleston Animal Society ultimately euthanized the dog, after he was voluntarily surrendered.

While pit bulls get a bad rap as being dangerous animals, bred to fight and defend, there is evidence that environment and handling has some effect on their disposition. Regardless, there are some genetic traits that have been identified in this breed which include: unpredictability of aggression, a “hold and shake” bite style and tenacity. Unfortunately, it’s these kind of traits that make pit bull attacks some of the scariest and most damaging.

No matter the breed or characteristics of a canine, any dog can be dangerous when provoked or put in a threatening situation. And small children more than any other group suffer higher rates of dog attacks and injury.

SC dog attack lawyer gets results

The Jeffcoat Firm understands the long-term challenges faced by dog attack victims. An ordeal like the one Katherine Rizk suffered can leave patients with emotional and psychological scars that can affect every facet of one’s daily life. For this reason, our attorneys will pursue every avenue of legal recovery, whether through an insurance settlement or jury award. A successful South Carolina personal injury lawsuit can help dog bite victims secure compensation for a number of losses including hospital and medical bills, lost income, emotional trauma, reduced capacity to earn, and other damages.

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