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Lawyers for a Richland County Rear End Car Accident

Over 25% of all accidents classified as a Richland County rear end car accident, which means that a rear motorist strikes the back of a vehicle in front of them. In some cases, there is a sequence of events, in which the first vehicle strikes a front vehicle, which crashes into the tail of the motorist ahead of them, and maybe including a further car in front of that one. The majority of rear end car accidents, however, will only include a couple of vehicles. Moreover, the rear driver is often the liable party.

You should remember, though, that it is completely conceivable for the front driver to be the liable driver. In either case, you’ll be wanting a Richland County rear end collision auto accident lawyer to help you to prove fault and damages or injuries in your auto accident claim. Jeffcoat Injury and Car Accident Lawyers is here to help you, so call us to explore what you can do.

Common Sources and Scenarios of Rear End Car Accidents

Rear end collisions are not just on the list of most frequent of car accidents; they’re also some of the most avoidable. There are many variables that can cause a Richland County rear end car accident. The typical factors that lead to these incidents include things like distractions, bad weather conditions and road issues, defective vehicle components, and reckless driving behavior from the front driver or the rear driver.

As one example of such factors, consider a wet or icy highway where it is not easy to bring your vehicle to a stop in time if the front driver slows or stops. You can also watch a rear end collision scenario happen in your head by imagining what might happen if a rear driver had defective brakes and was unable to stop, or maybe a front driver crashed into an obstacle in the street, causing an unexpected halt. Sometimes, the front driver will slam on their brakes because the rear driver is driving too close for comfort.

While brake-checking is irresponsible and extremely illegal, all by itself, it is also irresponsible for the rear vehicle to be too close. The space that you are supposed to maintain between your vehicle and any front driver is the length of 3 vehicles, more in poor weather conditions. Still, many don’t comply with this safety rule.

To address the problem of a Richland County rear end car accident brought on by distracted driving, you should steer clear of looking at your mobile phone, be more conscious of the road than passengers, and refrain from any other potentially distracting actions, such as eating or messing with your hair or beauty products.

Rear End Collisions Cause Various Traumas Depending on Different Variables

Numerous factors will influence whether you’re hurt, how you are hurt, and how significantly you might be injured in a Richland County rear end car accident. A few examples of such variables include position inside the vehicle, placement of the car, and the speed of the cars involved. Many suppose that rear end car accidents are significantly less harmful than the others, and sometimes this is the case, but they can certainly be serious enough to result in deaths. This is especially possible if the front driver is forced into an intersection or over the line into traffic. The most common personal injuries are soft tissue traumas, such as sprains, strains, and neck injuries, including whiplash. Those in the front vehicle are very susceptible to whiplash, as well as those who are in the driver’s seat.

How Would You Begin Showing Fault in a Richland County Rear End Car Accident?

Because it’s so typical for the rear driver’s carelessness to result in a rear end auto accident, a lot of Richland County motorists think that the rear vehicle is going to be held accountable. In spite of this rather validated predisposition, it’s possible to show that the front vehicle was responsible, instead (or possibly, more so than the rear vehicle). You need to obtain the contact information of any witnesses and get pictures in order to acquire the evidence to better the results of your insurance claim. Preferably, you will have enough evidence to assist in establishing the 3 major variables concerning fault in a Richland County rear end car accident. The first factor to establish is that the driver whom you claim is liable for the auto accident owed you a duty of care, an obligation to drive carefully. The second thing to prove is that the motorist did in fact break that duty of care via dangerous driving behaviors. The last component that you must demonstrate is that the accident, and your damages or injuries, were the result of that violation of responsibility.

Investigate Your Richland County Rear End Collision With Jeffcoat Injury and Car Accident Lawyers

If you were involved in a Richland County rear end car accident, you’ll need the guidance and counsel of a qualified Richland County rear end car accident attorney to help you in establishing negligence and recovering the reparation that you deserve. Your preliminary consultation is free, so you have nothing to lose by calling to schedule that appointment and discuss your case. We are going to investigate the accident and the evidence to determine liability and the expense of your injuries, your medical expenses, your lost wages, and many other damages.

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