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What to Do if You Suspect a Concussion Following a South Carolina Car Accident

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Car accidents cause more concussions each year than professional sports, despite much more attention being given to athletes that suffer head injuries. Concussions occurring in car accidents can cause just as much trauma, confusion, and devastating life-changing effects. 

Signs of a Possible Head Injury

If you were involved in a car accident, you may not initially be aware that you suffered a head injury. If you suffer any of the following signs following an accident, it is essential to seek medical treatment as soon as possible: 

  • You are confused or cannot recall certain things about the accident, or events occurring before or after it. You may not recall striking your head when the crash occurred. 
  • You saw stars in your eyes or are experiencing ringing in your head. These are common following a blow to the head. 
  • You lost consciousness for any length of time following an accident. This could be from striking your head against a windshield, steering wheel, or dashboard. (It is important to note that you do not have to have lost consciousness to suffer a concussion). 
  • You feel dizzy, nauseous, or sensitive to light. These are all common signs of trauma. 
  • You have a headache, difficulty with balance or your vision is blurry. 
  • You are having seizures. 

The Importance of Getting Medical Care Immediately

We always stress the importance of getting medical care following an accident. Insisting that you’re fine and will tough it out is not generally recommended, both for your personal well-being and personal injury claim. If you do not visit an emergency room or doctor following a crash, the insurance company in your South Carolina car accident lawsuit may dispute the seriousness of your injuries, or that they even occurred at all. 

Get a Free Consultation for your South Carolina Concussion Personal Injury Claim 

The Jeffcoat Firm has been representing car accident concussion victims for many years. We understand the many ways concussive injuries can affect people throughout their lives. We do everything that we can to recover maximum compensation for medical care, lost earnings, and pain and suffering. We’ve recovered millions of dollars for others, and are here to help you fight for your rights. Call us today for a free consultation.  (Every case is different. You should not believe your case will get the same result.)



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