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How to Calculate Auto Accident Settlements in South Carolina

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Auto accident settlements can seem like rocket science to you if you are unfamiliar with your legal rights or even the terms stipulated in your car insurance contract.

Negligence on the part of the other party has to be proven first for you to be eligible to receive the full amount of the settlement. On the other hand, South Carolina laws accommodate the comparative negligence stipulation, making you eligible for claims even if you are partly at fault.

Thankfully, an auto accident attorney in Columbia, SC, can help you navigate through these complex circumstances. Being in an accident is stressful enough, and it is during these difficult moments that you need a trustworthy legal counsel.

Do I Need a Lawyer in Columbia, SC or Should I Simply Go for My Insurance Agent?

Texting and Driving

After you have been in a car wreck in Columbia, South Carolina, you need to contact your insurance agent right away. More than this, you need to have a complete understanding of your coverage as well as records or notes of conversations you have had with your agent regarding the case.

In cases where you do not fully understand your coverage, you need to contact a lawyer. A full auto accident settlement in Columbia, SC may be jeopardized if you automatically accept the initial estimate provided by your insurer. With the help of a car accident lawyer, you will know the best course of action to take in tricky instances, whether you are asked to sign a dubious check or a waiver that doesn’t factor in specific losses.

Will I Still Be Eligible for Auto Accident Settlements If I’m at Fault?

Yes. This is because South Carolina negligence laws are based on comparative negligence. If your negligence does not go beyond the negligence of the other party, you will still be eligible for auto accident settlements and recovery. This means that the only time that you will not be able to recover from any accident-related losses is if you are the one primarily at fault during the incident.

When to Consult With an Auto Accident Attorney in Columbia, South Carolina

South Carolina Rear-End Accident

Counsel from a car accident lawyer is indispensable, especially if you are injured as a result of a collision that was partly your fault or completely caused by the other driver. This will allow you to learn the best course of legal action against the other party and to obtain an optimal auto accident settlement.

Remember, there may be instances wherein your insurance company will attempt to offer a settlement amount that is way below what you deserve. You may also be invited to sign certain documents without the presence of a car accident attorney. You need to be careful with going this route, as this could result in an irreversible mistake. It is possible to end up not being fully compensated for all your injuries just because you have already signed your approval for a settlement that does not completely cover your needs.

Auto Accident Settlements Deserve Complete Legal Attention

Although road accidents are common all over the United States, in South Carolina, the numbers are no simple matter. In the last ten years, there have been 800 auto accident deaths occurring annually all over the state. An auto accident attorney in Columbia, SC will make sure that you obtain not only legal support, but also emotional reinforcement in this difficult situation. Some of the benefits in seeking the help of a lawyer are as follows:

  • A good counsel will inform you of the intricacies involved in different kinds of collisions. Have you been involved in a rear-end collision? A multi-vehicle accident? Reckless driving? It’s impossible to investigate on your own, especially after having sustained life-threatening injuries.
  • Auto accident lawyers possess a keen understanding of insurance laws. In the event that you encounter insurance claim problems, you have a trusted attorney to dissect the complexities for you.
  • Some trusted lawyers can evaluate auto accident settlements at no cost. These legal representatives that venture beyond simply winning a case; most importantly, these are people who take pride in being able to help.
  • An auto accident settlement lawyer may also recommend therapists, doctors, and others who may help you get through the situation. Beyond providing assistance on auto accident settlements, your lawyer could connect you to others who may just be as willing to help as they are.

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