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Look For These Key Safety Features In Your New Vehicle

Every day, people are shopping for new vehicles. Sometimes, it’s because their last vehicle was destroyed in a terrible auto accident. In any event, though especially in that second circumstance, you want to find a vehicle that is safe, perhaps safer than the last one. Those who have been in an auto accident have a particular appreciation for safety features that can keep themselves and their loved ones safe if another accident should occur. Yet, even if you’ve never been in a car accident, you should be aware of how quickly and suddenly it can happen to you, and make a point of finding the following safety features in any new vehicle you purchase.

Purchase a Vehicle That Has High Quality Air Bags

Most new vehicles these days come equipped with air bags. Depending on how new the vehicle is, it might even have air bags that can detect your presence in the vehicle, the position of your seat, and even how much you weigh, for the best air bag response in an accident. This is helpful because it means that the air bag is less likely to cause harm and more likely to help should an auto accident occur. For example, if the passenger doesn’t weigh enough (a child) or if the position of the seat is too close, then the air bag could deactivate to prevent it from becoming another hazard in an auto accident instead of the safety feature it is meant to be.

It is important to note here that not all air bags are of the same quality. You should look into whether or not the vehicle has air bags, the brand of those air bags, and the safety or potential hazard that those air bags may create.  A little bit of research will help you choose a safe car.

Purchase a Vehicle That Has An Antilock Brakes System

Another feature that most new vehicles have is antilock brakes. These ensure that the wheels don’t lock up when you are traveling fast and suddenly have to hit the brakes. This is a common problem when drivers are traveling on icy roads and don’t have enough traction for their tires. An antilock brakes system can senses the speed and potential for the wheels to lock up and can prevent this from happening, so that you stay in control of the vehicle.

Purchase a Vehicle That Has An Electronic Stability Traction Control System

Another problem that many drivers have experienced is that a vehicle’s wheels can start spinning and cause the driver to go off the road when accelerating. Since 2012, more and more vehicles have been produced with electronic stability traction control systems that prevent this. These vehicles are equipped with computer sensors that notice when the wheels are spinning based on their speed, the sideways motion of the vehicle, and the angle of the steering. When the sensors pick up these signs of danger, the computer causes some of the wheels to brake, and in some cases, reduces the speed of the vehicle, so that you can regain control. This not only keeps you on the road, but also prevents larger vehicles from rollover accidents.

Purchase A Vehicle With Undamaged Seat Belts In Every Seat

These days, you’d be hard pressed to find a vehicle that doesn’t come with seat belts, but that doesn’t mean that they all have seatbelts in every single seat or that the seat belts in used car might not be damaged in such a way that would make them less effective. The most common lack of seat belt is found in the center of the rear seat. Even this is rare these days, as most vehicles are equipped with seat belts in every seat, but it doesn’t hurt to double check.

If you’re going to be using that middle rear seat, make sure it has a seat belt. If there is space for a center front passenger, make sure that there is a seatbelt there, too. Don’t purchase a vehicle that doesn’t have seat belts everywhere that a passenger might sit. This includes making sure that the seat belts in every seat are not damaged in any way, because these seat belts could be the very thing that will save your life or the life of someone you love.

If you have children who sit in car seats, you’ll want to make sure that the seat belts of the vehicle lock the way that they are supposed to for car seat installation and/or that there are anchors for the car seat’s LATCH system. Read more about South Carolina car seat laws.

Purchase a Vehicle With Blind Spot Warning Sensors

A lot of newer vehicles also have blind spot warning sensors and systems, some that include cameras and radar systems. This feature checks your blind spots for you and alerts you to any vehicles, pets, or people that might be in your blind spots. Some will show you a view of your blind spots on a screen in the front seat. Others will alert you with a sound or voice system if any obstacles are detected in your blind spots. This can make it much easier to prevent an accident.

Did You Lose Your Last Vehicle to an Auto Accident?

If the reason you’re searching for a newer and safer vehicle is because your last vehicle was damaged in a South Carolina auto accident, then call the dedicated car accident attorneys in Columbia at Jeffcoat Injury and Car Accident Lawyers to find out how we can help you to recover compensation for your damages. This compensation could help you to finance the new purchase so that you can get the safest vehicle possible.

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