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Rear-End Crashes in Columbia, SC

Rear-End Crashes in Columbia, SC

More than 1/4 of all accidents in Columbia are rear-ended collisions, which means that a rear motorist strikes the rear end of a driver in front of them. From time to time, there is a sequence of events, where the first vehicle strikes a front vehicle, which crashes into the vehicle in front of them, and maybe involving a further automobile in front of that one. The majority of rear-end auto accidents, however, will simply involve a pair of automobiles. Furthermore, the driver in the rear position is often the liable individual.

Even so, this isn’t always the case, and the driver in the front position may be responsible for the incident, depending on the way in which the collision happened. However your rear-end accident happened or who was liable, you will need the skills and advice of a Columbia rear-end accident lawyer working for you. Don’t wait, get in touch with one of our knowledgeable car accident lawyers for more information on how we are able to assist.


Prevalent Sources and Scenarios of Rear-End Accidents

Rear-end car accidents aren’t only among the most commonly encountered of auto accidents; they’re also among the most avoidable. There are lots of variables that may lead to a rear end auto accident in Columbia. The most widespread scenarios are irresponsible behaviors, like drunk driving and driving while distracted, defective parts in motor vehicles, heavy traffic, exceeding the speed limit, nasty weather, or compromised roads.

You may get a sense of how a rear-end accident might happen by picturing a scenario in which there is heavy traffic and distracted driving. It’s too simple for someone that is viewing their mobile phone to not even realize when the drivers ahead of them suddenly need to slow or stop. You can also watch a rear-end collision case play out in your mind by visualizing what might occur if a rear driver had faulty braking system and was not able to stop, or if a front vehicle crashed into an obstacle in the highway, leading to an unexpected halt. Another common scenario where the front vehicle is in the wrong in a rear-end accident occurs when that front vehicle is behaving aggressively, weaving between lanes, or brake checking the drivers behind them.

In scenarios that involve conduct like brake-checking, the front driver may be responsible and could even encounter criminal charges for intentionally causing an accident, it’s also true that the rear vehicle should not be so near to the front vehicle that an accident might occur. That’s often the reason why the front driver decides to hit the brakes abruptly, though it’s still incredibly irresponsible to do so. The space that you are required to keep between yourself and any front vehicle is the length of three cars, even more in bad weather. Yet, many don’t follow this basic safety guideline.

Last of all, if you are sidetracked, as the rear driver, you might not notice that the front driver has stopped or slowed down. Common distractions include text messaging, speaking on the phone or to passengers, grooming (hair, makeup), and attempting to use a routing system.

What Sorts of Injuries Might Be Caused By a Rear-End Collision?

The kinds of injuries which you and others might sustain will be different with respect to the speed of the vehicles, what your location is in the vehicle, which vehicle you’re in, and what other elements exist. It’s possible for a rear-end accident to result in death, especially if that auto accident pushed the front vehicle into oncoming traffic or an intersection. The most widespread personal injuries are soft tissue personal injuries, like strains, sprains, and neck injuries, like whiplash. Those who are in the front car are particularly vulnerable to whiplash, as are those in the driving seat.

Showing Fault and Damages After a Rear-End Collision in Columbia

Because it’s so typical for the rear driver’s negligence to cause a rear-end accident, many Columbia motorists think that the rear driver is going to be held accountable. It is true that there’s some logical prejudice in this direction, but that does not mean that you cannot prove that the front vehicle was the at-fault motorist in your auto accident. It is essential to obtain the contact information of any witnesses and get photographs in order to acquire evidence to better the end result of your insurance claim. Hopefully, you should have enough proof to help in proving the 3 major elements regarding negligence in a rear end accident. The 1st factor to prove is the fact that the driver that you assert is liable for the collision owed you a duty of care, a duty to drive responsibly. The second aspect to prove is that the motorist did, in fact, violate that duty of care via risky behaviors. The last component that you must demonstrate is that the collision, and your damages or injuries, were the result of that violation of duty.

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