Common Signs to Watch for a Dog Attack in Columbia, SC

Common Signs to Watch for a Dog Attack in Columbia, South Carolina

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While dogs are an ideal companion, they can easily turn and attack or bite at a moment’s notice. When an unknown dog or one that you are not familiar with is nearby, you may notice signs that they are not comfortable around you or in the situation they are in with their owner. This could mean that a Columbia, South Carolina dog attack is imminent and you are at risk of a dog bite.

Knowing the signs of when a dog will attack can protect you and help get you out of harm’s way. Watch for these signs when you are around a dog to know if they are going bite you or someone nearby. This could save you from severe injuries and prevent a trip to the hospital from a Columbia, South Carolina dog bite.

Signs to Watch to Avoid a Dog Attack in Columbia, South Carolina

Here are the signs to look out for in an agitated and dangerous dog:

  • Growling: From a distance, every dog may seem like a friend, but when you approach, it might be an entirely different matter. If they are growling at you, this means that they could attack. Keep your distance and allow them space as this is a sign of a dangerous dog that is ready to bite. If bitten by a growling dog, you do have rights under the law and a dog bite attorney in Columbia, South Carolina can help.

    Dog Attack Attorney in Columbia, South Carolina
    Hurt in a dog attack? The personal injury lawyers at the Jeffcoat Law Firm can help you seek compensation.
  • Snapping: When a dog snaps at you and misses, this is a sign that they intend to make contact and a dog bite could happen to you. Stay away from snapping dogs and do not put your hands or face near them. All it takes is one missed step, and a dog attack could happen in an instant. Your Columbia dog attack lawyer can help you with a case where a dog bit you and get you compensation for your injuries.
  • Snarling: When a dog snarls aggressively, they are showing their dominance and are uncomfortable with your presence. Leave the area where the snarling dog is located so you can avoid a Columbia dog bite and head to safety to avoid a dangerous dog attack. Speak to a dog bite lawyer if bitten by a dog that was dangerous and uncontrolled. You have a case that deserves compensation, and your attorney can fight for your rights under the law.
  • Aggressive barking: Dogs that bark aggressively are also dangerous. They are protecting their owners and showing aggression. You need to stay away from a dog that continues to bark even after their owner has tried to calm them. This is a sign that a Columbia, South Carolina dog attack is possible and you do not want to receive a bite from this animal. Allow your dog bite attorney in Columbia, South Carolina to advise you on a case where a barking dog bites you. They can guide you on the rights you have under the law.
  • Lunging: Another sign that a dog is dangerous and ready to attack is when they lunge at you when they are on their leash. This is a show that they are not happy with your presence and may even bark or growl at you at the same time. Do not take a chance with a dog that has lunged at you as the owner could easily lose control of the leash and a Columbia, South Carolina dog attack could occur that injures you severely. Meet with your South Carolina dog bite attorney to determine if you have a case when attacked by a lunging dog on a leash.
  • Raised tail: When a dog raises their tail, this is a sign that something is wrong. They may be experiencing anxiety with you near and be getting ready to protect their turf. Find a safe place away from this type of dangerous dog and do not take a chance of a dog attack in Columbia, South Carolina. If you were unable to get away and were attacked as a result, you can work with a Columbia, South Carolina dog attack attorney to seek compensation for your injuries.

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When a Columbia, South Carolina dog attack takes place that causes injuries, you need a dog bite attorney that will fight for your rights. The lawyers at The Jeffcoat Firm can help. They will advise you on your legal rights under the law and help determine if you have a dog attack or dog bite case that deserves compensation. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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