Do You Even Need to Hire a Lawyer After Your Car Accident?

Do You Even Need to Hire a Lawyer After Your Car Accident?

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You may not need a lawyer! You heard that right. Sometimes accidents may not require a lawyer. For instance: This can be true when your vehicle is damaged, and you don’t have any injuries. But there are also times that having a lawyer work your case for you makes sense. When hurt people that need to receive compensation for their expenses decide they don’t need to reach out to a lawyer they generally say something like: “I pay for insurance every month. It’s there for a reason. It will cover my medical and car repair bills.” Or “I don’t want or need to sue someone.”

We agree! Insurance should help (but they often don’t want to) and you don’t even have to sue anyone or do something you’re uncomfortable with. The problem is that insurance companies often won’t pay you what they should unless you get a good lawyer.

At The Jeffcoat Firm, we know some people hesitate to hire a lawyer. All our case evaluations are completely free. Even if you don’t plan on hiring a lawyer, we’re happy to answer any questions you have. No joke. We’re here to help.


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