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What Can You Do When A Drunk Driver Hits You?

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It’s Illegal for Bar to Serve a Drunk Person Alcohol

If a drunk driver hits and hurts someone in a car crash the bar or restaurant that overserved that driver may be held responsible. That’s right, under South Carolina Law the bar that overserved the drunk driver could owe compensation to the person that was hit. This is a called a Dram Shop law case.

Time is of the Essence – Call a Lawyer ASAP!

Bars and restaurants generally erase their security camera footage every several days or few weeks.

You may only have a few days until the video evidence is gone forever. Call a lawyer ASAP to see if the lawyer can help preserve the evidence and preserve your rights.

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Spoliation Letter or Letter of Preservation

To make sure that a bar or restaurant doesn’t delete their camera footage a lawyer can send them what is called a “letter of preservation” or a “spoliation letter.” This letter notifies the establishment that they should not destroy or alter any evidence, specifically their video footage.

A good lawyer can help secure video footage that shows a bar breaking the law by continuing to serve a drunk person alcohol. If this footage can be located, it is a major win in helping to prove that the bar or restaurant is at fault for the harm that the wreck caused.

Our attorneys will go to great lengths to make sure that evidence is preserved. It is very important!

Spoliation Of Evidence

When a bar or restaurant doesn’t comply with the letter of preservation and deletes or alters their video footage in any way, this can be a BIG problem for the bar in court.


There is a VERY short window to preserve evidence – sometimes it’s only 7 days. If you or a loved one have been hit by a drunk driver or someone you suspect may have been drunk, call The Jeffcoat Firm quickly. We can help investigate to see where they may have been drinking, work to preserve evidence and hold the driver and bar or restaurant accountable for the harm they caused.

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