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Common Auto Accident Injuries in South Carolina

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has data where it has been claimed more than 3 million people are injuries due to car accidents every year in the United States of America. As a result of car accidents many different injuries occur and are commonly the fault of the driver.

Though some of the injuries vanish within a few days of the accident. Things like bruises and contusions are common for someone that has been involved in a vehicular accident. However, some injuries are more severe and will require extensive medical attention. In some cases, the injuries may be grievous enough that the individual may face permanent disability.

Some of the factors which normally depend on the nature of the car accident include whether the person was not wearing a seat belt. The point of impact on the car and the position the driver and/or passenger(s) were sitting when they sustained the injuries are also factors, as well as the rate of speed within which the driver was operating the vehicle. An accident at a higher rate of speed can result in far worse injuries than a minor fender bender. Of course, in the case of the high speed crash the nature of the injuries are often severe or even fatal. If two or more vehicles are involved in the accident, it is often the case that all drivers as well as passengers have sustain critical injuries requiring of immediate medical assistance. In Lexington & Columbia, SC the number of car accidents is on the rise.

There are mainly two kinds of injuries which are commonly caused by a car accident. The first injury is the impact injuries which is caused by the individual’s body has hit the interior of car on impact. The second kind of injuries most often associated with a collision are penetrating injuries. These include things like scrapes and mild cuts to major cuts and serious lacerations. Shattered glass or objects which fly inside the vehicle as well as sheer impact any number of metal surfaces and edges within the vehicle will cause these types of injury.

Head injuries when having car accidents

The most common injury is a head injury in most car accidents. The change in direction or the speed of the impact can cause the nature of impact of the injury. The excessive strain is placed on the back and neck. That happens due to the effect of an impact with the window or steering wheel. In some cases, the injuries can also involve even deep lacerations.

When the impact is severe, a closed head injury occurs which can cause severe concussions. A closed head injury is an injury in which one has injuries to the brain due to a severe impact or any other aggressively violent shaking of the brain that causes the brain to impact the walls of the skull. Inside the skull, the brain is likely to be damaged due to the nature of the impact to the head. In the case of a less severe impact, it is likely that a mild concussions will be possible; however, this is an injury that should still be taken seriously.

What to know when hiring a personal injury lawyer?

If you have been involved in a car accident in Lexington or Columbia area, you might be wondering what the right time to hire an attorney is and how do you go about retaining someone to represent you. Especially in situations where you have been involved in a car accident with no insurance or the other party does not have insurance, when you need to file a lawsuit or claim compensation to recover your losses, hiring a lawyer who knows how to get the tasks performed efficiently is important.

It is an unfortunate situation when an injured victims cannot receive any compensation because they did not file a claim or allowed too much time to pass before beginning the process of retaining legal representation. There is research necessary to finding the lawyer right for your case with the experience you need. You will need to seek out and research different options for legal counsel. The auto accident is one of the main causes of body injuries for which claim for compensation need to be made. However, the injuries can vary depending on the severity of the car accident. If you were hit by another driver or another driver was deemed at-fault for your accident, retaining an attorney will help you hold that person responsible for your injuries.

The insurance firm will have experienced lawyers that have dealt with many kinds of cases. They will be handling several cases with very similar circumstances; hence, it is important that you have someone capable of dealing with them while also making sure your rights are protected. A skilled and experienced Columbia personal injury lawyer will know how to present your case and get the compensation amount you deserve for your losses. However, finding an experienced personal injury lawyer can take a little time and effort on your part.

The best way to start your search for a good lawyer would be to shortlist a few of them based on referrals from friends or colleagues that have utilized them in the past for car accident claims similar to your own. Another way to get information on lawyers is to research online and find a list of attorneys best suited for your case based on websites and other online sources, at which point, you will want to consult with the ones you have narrowed down on your list.

Based on how your meeting, you can decide on whether the credentials they possess fits your case. The experience of the lawyer is crucial. How many cases of similar nature he/she has handled and met successfully would be a question you will want to ask before proceeding any further.
You will also want to read about different legal representation on various legal forums which deal with reviews on some of the law firms based in Lexington & Columbia area. It would not be wise to make your decision based solely on reviews, but this can be a good tool to help you narrow your list. When you feel that the lawyer can meet your requirements, then you can go ahead and hire them.

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