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Hit & Run Auto Accidents in Columbia

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Lots of people in South Carolina don’t understand just how serious a hit-and-run car accident actually is. The individual who flees the accident may not even understand that this is exactly what they’ve done. Maybe, they ensure that no one was hurt before they left, so they really believe that it was alright to leave. And then, there are the even more severe cases, in which someone is really injured and the responsible driver doesn’t stop the car and provide assistance.

Any circumstance where a vehicle is involved with an auto accident and they leave behind the area without providing their info or aiding the wounded is defined as a hit & run, and the consequences of this situation are severe. Remarkably, above 10% of accidents are hit and run crashes, and there are numerous severe personal injuries and fatalities which result from these types of incidents. Many of those fatalities might have been avoided if the hit & run driver had just stopped to assist the injured person.

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A hit-and-run car crash can be catastrophic and highly unsettling for the survivors and their loved ones. Call the experienced South Carolina car accident attorneys at Jeffcoat Injury and Car Accident Lawyers today to discusee your case. Consultations are always free.

Hit & Run Car Crash Victims Could Take Action

One of the most significant things that you can do following a hit & run auto accident in South Carolina would be to write down as much as you’ll be able to recollect of your situation and any sort of specifics regarding the car and the driver. It can be simple in some circumstances, and more challenging on other occasions, based on the timeframe of the crash and if the vehicle stopped at all prior to departing. If you are able to acquire the license plate number, this can be the very best information to have. Beyond this, valuable information would include the description of the vehicle, maybe, the model and make. If you get a decent visual of the person, then that information could be valuable also.

Occasionally, the victims will not have a chance to acquire this sort of information and facts; yet witnesses may have been able to. In case there are witnesses to your hit-and-run auto accident, this might make an enormous amount of improvement concerning finding the person.

Turn To Your Own Personal Automobile Insurance Policy to Take care of Damages

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist coverage is an optionally available addition to your South Carolina automobile insurance policy, which means you aren’t required to have it. Even so, you will be happy should you already have it whenever a hit & run car crash leads to personal injuries and damage to property for you or your loved one. The advantage of this type of car insurance policy coverage with a hit & run scenario is the fact that you will have some type of insurance coverage to turn to on your own personal insurance plan. Other ways which you may have the ability to utilize your own car insurance following a hit & run incident can include other elective insurance plans, like collision coverage. The first thing that you need to do after having a hit-and-run auto accident would be to call law enforcement officers. Then, inform your insurance agency about what occurred and explore your coverage possibilities.

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To learn more about the options following a South Carolina hit & run auto accident, contact Jeffcoat Injury and Car Accident Lawyers and schedule a free of charge consult.

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