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Dog Bite Injuries in Richland County

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Richland County Dog Bite Lawyer

Find Out How To Respond When a Dog Bite Injury Occurs

Here is the fast checklist of what you must do:

  • Obtain the names and addresses of witnesses of the incident, the dog owner, and the folks who had custody of the pet when it attacked you.
  • Make use of your cell phone or a camera to take photos of the damage.
  • Visit the physician as quickly as possible for treatment and records of injuries.
  • Contact the animal control organization in your area to document the event.

Examination and further actions to take:

  • Pinpointing the animal’s owner is vitally important, for both compensation considerations and to be sure that the animal isn’t a stray, which would signify the need for painful rabies treatment. When you can identify the owner, you can recover compensation for your damage.
  • You should get photos of the injury because this would be the most effective evidence you have of the severity of your injuries. Make sure to receive medical treatment, since dog attacks could cause bacterial infection which could have far-reaching consequences. Daily, there are over 1,000 people found in emergency rooms from dog bites. Injuries to the facial area could be even more severe, and you’ll need to discuss your damages with a cosmetic surgeon.
  • You will need to follow all of the recommendations of the doctor and take medications as given. According to the circumstances, you may be provided instructions to stay away from the sun, swap bandages, and follow-up with your treatment plan. Comply with all your doctor’s instructions.
  • The determination on whether you’ll need rabies shots has to be left to your doctor. Often, people don’t require rabies treatment, because it is not seen in the area. You shouldn’t be concerned if your physician informs you don’t need this painful treatment.
  • You will need to report your injury to the animal control organization near you. It is sometimes the animal control dept of the city or county, occasionally the humane society, and sometimes the law enforcement dept. A lot of people make the error of thinking the hospital will take care of this, but they will not. They generate reports, but just for statistics purposes. Figuring out who owns the canine is crucial. The animal control investigators will also interview witnesses of the incident and do other stuff that will help your claim and also prevent dog bites down the road.

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When the dog owner is covered by insurance, you might get a telephone call from an insurer representative. You’ll want to ask them for the following information and facts:

  • The identity of the insurer is something to document.
  • Street address of their office
  • Request the phone number.
  • Request the case number, also.
  • They will furthermore provide the name of the insured individual.
  • Get the amount of insurance available for medical costs.

Lastly, there are multiple things to avoid doing:

  • You need to refrain from discussing money or anything associated with the value of your case.
  • You should not set up an appointment
  • Don’t write a letter
  • Never provide a recorded statement.
  • Don’t allow the victim to be photographed
  • Never discuss who is liable
  • You shouldn’t accept any settlement offer.

Calling a Richland County dog bite lawyer is a good way to defend your best interests.

If you have any questions about your injuries, damages, or compensation after an animal attack, contact an experienced Richland County dog bite lawyer at Jeffcoat Injury and Car Accident Lawyers.

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