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Dog Bite Lawyer Near You in Orangeburg

Under South Carolina Code Section 47-3-110, the animal’s owner may be responsible for compensating you. We love our furry friends, but sometimes dogs do suddenly attack in South Carolina. They can misinterpret a person’s actions and become defensive causing them to bite, scratch, or seriously injure an person or another animal.

Animal attacks can lead to a loss of work, medical expenses, and emotional pain and suffering. The animal’s owner may be responsible for compensating you. If you were injured in a dog bite injury or another animal in Orangeburg or anywhere in the state of South Carolina, The Jeffcoat Firm Injury Lawyers are here to help.

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Types of Dog Bite Injuries in Orangeburg

Dog bite injuries (or animal bite injuries requiring first aid) can be quite serious. Here are some common types of injuries that can happen when a dog attacks:

Dog Bite Lawyer South CarolinaEye injuries
• Broken bones
• Nerve damage
• Scarring and disfigurement
• Head and neck injuries
• Emotional and physical pain and suffering
• Puncture wounds
• Face injuries
• Rabies
• Infections

If you are suffering from any of these injuries, please contact a dog bite lawyer near you at The Jeffcoat Firm.

How Can a Dog Bite Lawyer Can Prove Liability in a Dog Attack Case?

White dog biting someone's arm. Contact an Orangeburg dog bite lawyer today!In order to prove that the dog bite was the owner’s responsibility, the injured persons dog bite lawyer will have to demonstrate:

• That the dog was known to be vicious or aggressive or that it had attacked a person before.
• That a leash law or another animal control law had been violated.
• That the attack occurred due to some sort of deception. For instance, if the owner tells a person their dog is not vicious and then it bites, this would be considered an act of deception.

It should also be noted that someone else other than the owner can be responsible for the dog attack. The dog is the responsibility of whoever is watching it at the time. So, if the owner is on vacation and leaves the dog in someone else’s care, the person caring for the dog would be at fault if an attack occurs.

How Can an Orangeburg Dog Bite Lawyer Establish Negligence In a Dog Bite Claim?

For animals other than dogs, or trespassing livestock, an injured person must ordinarily prove negligence in South Carolina. Dog bites in South Carolina, however, do not require the injured person (or the dog bite lawyer) to prove negligence. You do not have to prove that the dog had harmed someone before.

Owners of dogs in South Carolina and Orangeburg are responsible for paying injury damages caused by their dog’s unprovoked attacks.

When the dog attacks someone while in the care of someone who is not the dog’s owner, either the owner or that other person may be held responsible for paying for the injury damages.

When Is The Owner Not Responsible For a Dog Bite Attack in Orangeburg?

Were you bit by a dog at the beach or anywhere else? We have dog bite lawyers near you in Orangeburg to help you find who is liable and seek compensationThere are incidents when a dog owner is not at fault for a dog bite. If the person who was bitten did something to encourage the dog to bite or trespassed on the owner’s property, they may not be able to collect compensation for their injuries. Scenarios like this should be discussed in detail with an experienced dog bite lawyer near you like those at The Jeffcoat Firm Injury Lawyers.

Other cases where owners are not responsible for dog bite injuries include the following:

• If a dog is under someone else’s care when the dog attacks, that person could be at fault.
• If a dog is allowed to walk through someone’s property or facility the property owner or company that runs the facility may be at fault.
• If a dog is allowed to wander through a retail store with the management’s approval, the store owner could have responsibility.
• An animal control department may be at fault if they allow an unsafe dog to wander around where people live and an attack occurs.
• If a company allows their employees to bring their dogs to work and an attack occurs in the workplace, the business may be held at fault.

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Do I Need To Sue After a Dog Bite Attack in Orangeburg

Experienced Dog Bite Lawyers Near You in Orangeburg and South Carolina

Dog bite claims can get complicated. It can be difficult to establish a dog’s violent history and it is not always easy to prove who was at fault. Having a good dog bite lawyer near you on your side can help you get the compensation you deserve.

The Jeffcoat Firm is a team of experienced personal injury lawyers serving Orangeburg, South Carolina with years of experience in personal injury and dog bite law. A dog bite can greatly reduce quality of life. Don’t let careless pet owners get away with it. Call The Jeffcoat Firm for a free consultation.

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