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Lawyers for a Lexington County Rear End Car Accident

Rear end car accidents, in which one driver collides with the rear end of a driver in front of them, are among the most commonly encountered in a Lexington County rear end car accident. Sometimes, there is a domino effect, where the first motorist strikes the rear end of a front driver, that collides with the rear end of the driver ahead of them, and possibly including yet another car ahead of that one. However, most rear end car accidents involve only 2 automobiles, and most are the fault of the rear driver.

Even so, this is not always true, and the front vehicle could be liable for the auto accident, according to precisely how the auto accident happened. No matter how your rear end crash occurred or whom was to blame, you will want the skills and advice of a Lexington County rear end car accident law firm on your side. Jeffcoat Injury and Car Accident Lawyers is there for you, so give us a call to explore your options.

Usual Factors and Circumstances of Rear End Car Accidents

There are many issues that result in or contribute to a Lexington County rear end car accident, and although they are among the most commonly encountered forms of a car accident, they’re also the most preventable. The most widespread examples are negligent conduct, such as driving while intoxicated and driving while distracted, faulty components in motor vehicles, heavy traffic, exceeding the speed limit, nasty weather, or damaged streets.

As an example of these variables, consider a wet or icy street when it’s difficult to stop your vehicle in time if the front driver slows or stops. Also, imagine a circumstance where the front driver doesn’t have working brake signals and/or the weather limits the driver’s ability to see. There are also situations where the front driver is changing lanes without being cautious and using the appropriate signals or is driving and/or stopping erratically. In some cases, the front motorist will ‘brake-check’ the rear vehicle because the rear vehicle is traveling too close.

Although slamming on the brakes is negligent and highly illegal, all by itself, it is also reckless for the rear driver to be that close. Indeed, you are supposed to always keep at least 3 car lengths in between your vehicle and the driver in front of you, and you’d be smart to keep more distance than that when the weather conditions or roadway conditions are dangerous.

To deal with the problem of rear end car accidents brought on by distracted driving, you need to refrain from looking at your smartphone, be more conscious of the road than passengers, and avoid any other possibly distracting conduct, like playing with your hair or beauty products.

Rear End Collisions Lead to Different Personal Injuries Depending on Various Factors

Numerous variables will determine whether you’re hurt, how you might be hurt, and how severely you are injured in a rear end auto accident. A few examples of such variables include things like position within the car, placement of the vehicle, and the speed of the vehicles concerned. Many believe that a Lexington County rear end car accident can be significantly less harmful than the others, and occasionally this is the case, but they can also be severe enough to result in deaths. This is particularly possible if the front car is forced into an intersection or over the line into traffic. The most common traumas are soft tissue injuries, like sprains, strains, and neck injuries, such as whiplash. If you’re in the driving seat, you’re at the biggest risk for experiencing whiplash.

Showing Fault and Proving Expenses After a Lexington County Rear End Car Accident

As stated already, it is usually the rear vehicle who is liable in a rear end collision. Many assume that the rear driver will immediately be assumed to be the liable driver. It is true that there’s some bias in this direction, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot establish that the front vehicle was the liable motorist in your auto accident. If you obtain adequate evidence , by taking photos and gathering the contact information of witnesses, then this will greatly help out with your claim. Ideally, you will have enough evidence to assist in proving the three major factors concerning fault in a rear end collision. The first aspect to prove is the fact that the driver that you claim is responsible for the auto accident owed you a duty of care, an obligation to drive responsibly. The 2nd factor to prove is that the driver did actually break that duty of care through unsafe driving conduct. The final factor that you need to demonstrate is the fact that the collision, and your damages, were brought on by that violation of responsibility.

Examine Your Lexington County Rear End Car Accident With Jeffcoat Injury and Car Accident Lawyers

The counsel of a knowledgeable Lexington County rear end car accident lawyer in Lexington County can be extremely useful when it comes to establishing your claim and getting a fair settlement deal. Your original appointment is free, so you have absolutely nothing to lose by phoning to schedule that consult and discuss your claim. Allow us to concentrate on investigating your rear end accident, proving legal liability, and proving damages or injuries, while you concentrate on recuperating from the damage.

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