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Talcum powder lawsuits claim that manufacturers have known for over 40 years about the link between the talcum powder and the increased risk of ovarian cancer and mesothelioma in women who used it.


Talcum Powder Lawsuits: What Do We Know?

The primary manufacturers of the talcum powder used in personal hygiene are: 

  • Shower to Shower by Valeant Pharmaceuticals
  • Baby Magic Baby Power
  • Johnson’s Baby Powder, manufactured by Johnson & Johnson.

Allegations say manufacturers knew about the problem for over 40 years and failed to warn women that it could cause cancer by entering the vagina and lungs after use.

The claim stands especially right after being used on your genital areas or a sanitary napkin or condom.

Studies have shown that women who use talcum powder for personal hygiene are 30% more likely chance of getting cancer than women who don’t use the powder.

The attorneys at Jeffcoat Injury and Car Accident Lawyers are working hard to obtain monetary compensation for women just like you who suffer from mesothelioma or ovarian cancer after using talcum powder.


What Are the Side Effects and Injuries Associated with Talcum Powder?

By far, the most severe side effect of women using talcum powder is the risk of contracting ovarian cancer. Cancer occurs from powder entering your ovaries through your vagina. Mesothelioma originates when the talcum powder goes into your lungs. 

The Journal of Gynecological Cancer says that if you use talcum powder regularly on your genital area, your risk of getting cancer is 30-60%. The more you use the talcum powder, the more likely you are to get cancer.


How Does Talcum Powder Cause Cancer? 

The exact way the frequent use of talcum powder causes cancer is still unknown. One of the most popular theories involves a chronic irritation of your genital area as the talcum powder goes up through your uterus into your fallopian tubes, and then into your ovaries. 

The theory goes on to say that other than the contact with your mucous membrane, the powder may suppress some of the antibodies that generally would protect you against getting cancer.


How Does Talcum Powder Cause Respiratory Illnesses?

The frequent use of talcum powder is linked to respiratory problems such as mesothelioma.

The respiratory issues are caused by the talcum powder being airborne during the regular application process. Before the 1970s and today, some talcum powder and other products contain asbestos, which is a mineral that occurs naturally and is a known carcinogen. Additionally, researchers have seen that talcum powder has a chemical that is similar to asbestos.

Talcum powder is a silicate mineral, just like asbestos, and has a crystalline structure. When this is inhaled, the metals are known to cause irritation, which leads to chronic inflammation that may lead to cancerous tumors forming.


Have There Been any Settlements in the Talcum Powder Lawsuits?

There have been some settlements in the talcum powder lawsuits, and some of them are highlighted below:

A jury in California awarded a woman who was diagnosed with mesothelioma $30 million in March of 2019. The jury ruled that Johnson & Johnson talcum powder caused her cancer.

In July of 2018, a St. Louis jury awarded 22 women a total of $4.6 billion due to Johnson & Johnson talcum powder causing these women to contract ovarian cancer. The cancer was due to the use of baby powder and the asbestos fibers contained in the Johnson & Johnson talcum powder.

A woman, in May of 2018, was awarded $25 million by a jury after they concluded that her mesothelioma was caused by using talcum powder on her children and while she bowled. 

In April of 2018, a man was awarded $37 million in compensatory damages and $80 million in punitive damages when the jury concluded that he contracted mesothelioma by frequently using Johnson & Johnson talcum powder.


What Has the Food and Drug Administration and Studies Regarding Talcum Powder Shown?

Studies have shown that the frequent use of talcum powder increases your risk of getting ovarian cancer by 30-60% in almost all well-controlled studies. The studies also showed that the Attributable Risk was 29%. This means that if women stop using talcum powder for personal hygiene, it could protect more than one-quarter or more of women from developing ovarian cancer.

These studies also showed that the more frequently you use talcum powder for personal hygiene, the higher your risk of developing ovarian cancer or mesothelioma.

As of now, there have been no recalls of any talcum powder related products. However, talcum powder is not a product regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. The manufacturers of talcum powder are expected to govern themselves.

If you or a loved one use talcum powder for personal hygiene on a regular basis and have contracted mesothelioma or ovarian cancer, you should contact the experienced attorneys in South Carolina at Jeffcoat Injury and Car Accident Lawyers to see if you qualify for the talcum powder lawsuit. They understand the complex process involved in making a claim and will work hard to get you all the compensation you deserve.

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