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How Much Compensation Can I Receive for a Dog Bite Injury in Richland County, South Carolina?

Average South Carolina Dog Bite Settlements

Dog bites are serious business, and they can render you severely injured. You may need extensive medical treatment to care for your wounds and, often, the effects of a Columbia, South Carolina dog bite injury can scar you for life.

When a dog bites you or your family member, you do have rights under the law. You should not have to pay for any medical expenses out of your own pocket, and a South Carolina dog bite attorney near you can help you seek compensation for your injuries. Some of the questions you may be asking yourself is, “how much will I get for a South Carolina dog bite injury?”, or “how much is a dog bite settlement?” According to the dog bite settlement examples on this page, the typical South Carolina dog bite injury lawsuit settlement is anywhere from $60,000 – $225,000, with an average settlement across this set of examples of $136,000. Large dog bite settlement amounts happen when the right dog bite lawyer is on the case, fighting for the rights of victims.

The amount and type of settlement compensation will vary based on the severity of the South Carolina dog bite injury. There are common signs a dog may attack, though the situation may not be your fault. You may need stitches or just have minor bruising. In other instances, a dog bite injury is severe and requires reconstructive surgery. No matter the extent of your damages, you deserve fair compensation for your dog bite injuries and a Columbia dog bite lawyer near you can help you determine the amount of settlement to seek.

Keep in mind that each dog bite injury is different and the total compensation is unique to that situation. You might qualify for a range of damages if your Columbia, South Carolina dog bite injury is severe or small damages if your injuries were minor. Allow a nearby Columbia dog bite attorney to help you calculate your total compensation and fight for your settlement award.

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Example of Recent Dog Bite Injury Settlements and Awards in South Carolina

These are 5 examples of recent South Carolina dog bite settlement cases we have achieved. You can see more of our settlements on our results page. According to the dog bite settlement examples on this page, the typical South Carolina dog bite injury lawsuit settlement is anywhere from $60,000 – $225,000, with an average settlement across this set of examples of $136,000.

  • $225,000
  • $225,000
  • $95,000
  • $75,000
  • $60,000

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Dog Bite Settlement Lawsuits – What Type of Damages Can I Seek?

The damages you may qualify for in your dog bite injury case include:

  • Medical costs: When you suffer from a dog bite injury in Columbia, South Carolina, you have a right to receive coverage for your medical expenses. These expenses are part of your total compensation and cover any medical treatment you need to care for your injuries now and into the future. These costs should not be your burden to bear in a dog bite case and your South Carolina dog bite lawyer near you will seek them as part of your settlement award.
  • Lost earnings: After a dog attack, you may need to miss time from work to recover or because your injuries are so severe, they limit your capacity to complete your regular work tasks. If you miss work due to the extent and severity of your dog bite injuries, your settlement award will cover these losses. Your nearby South Carolina dog bite attorney will calculate the amount of wages you have lost out on due to your injuries, as well as any future lost earnings that will take place because of your dog bite injuries.
  • Property damages: You also qualify for compensation for any property damages you endured because of your dog bite injury. This could include your damaged personal property that may have been ruined or broken during the dog bite attack. Your Columbia, South Carolina dog bite attorney will help you determine the worth of this personal property and if you should seek compensation as part of your award settlement.
  • Loss of consortium: Some dog attack cases are so serious that there is a wrongful death or you lose the companionship of a loved one due to changes in their mental or physical behavior because of their dog bite injury. In these circumstances, you may be due a loss of consortium settlement. This settlement award will compensate you for your losses and help you financially recover from losing your loved one. While this will not bring your loved one back, it can provide you some solace that justice occurred for the dog bite injury that your loved one suffered. Work with your South Carolina dog bite lawyer to determine if damages for the loss of consortium are warranted in your suit.
  • Pain and suffering damages: The law in Columbia, South Carolina allows for pain and suffering damages when your dog bite injury is severe in nature. This injury may cause you extreme mental suffering and anguish. These dog bite injuries can be emotionally trying and cause you great suffering and pain. You deserve compensation for your losses in your dog bite case. These damages are part of your settlement award, and a dog bite attorney can help determine if they are necessary for your dog bite case.

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