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What Will Happen in My Lexington, South Carolina Dog Bite Case?

Dogs will be dogs. It does not matter where you live; a dog bite can be nasty business. If you receive a bite from a dog in Lexington, South Carolina, It is up to the owner of the dog to compensate you for your injuries and that they follow all rules regulating dog ownership for the area in which they reside.

In South Carolina, the law states the dog’s owner is responsible for all damages if the bite victim is on public property or legally on private property you will be able to go after the dog’s owner for damages and injuries from your bite. As long as you are legally in the place in which you receive the bite, the owner may have to pay for your medical expenses, medical treatments, and loss of income if you are unable to work due to the bite, as well as financial compensation for your pain and suffering.

The state also maintains that if a person provokes a dog to bite or attack, the owner is not liable for any damages or injuries from the attack. So if you live in South Carolina, you will not be able to collect compensation if you agitate a dog and it attacks and bites you as a result. You should always be careful around animals and never approach one you are not familiar with. Animals will do what is in their nature to do, which is bite or attack when they are agitated or frightened. You cannot provoke a dog and expect to receive compensation; the law does not work in that manner.

How Do I Collect Damages for My Dog Bite in Lexington, South Carolina?

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Most dog owners are responsible and will pay for any damages or injuries their furry babies may cause. So if you have injuries from a dog bite, you should immediately contact the dog’s owner after you receive medical treatment. In many cases, they will be willing to cover your medical expenses and pay your medical bills. But if you have trouble getting them to pay for your damages, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. You may have to take them to court to get them to pay for the injuries from the dog. Everyone is not a responsible dog owner, and some will never believe it was their dog that left you with injuries or believe you provoked the dog. An attorney will make sure you receive the compensation you need to pay for your injuries.

If you sustain a bite from a dog, you should do the following:

  • Seek medical treatment immediately
  • Photograph your injuries to document proof of your damages
  • Present the dog owner with a copy of your photos and your medical expenses
  • Ask the owner to compensate you for your out-of-pocket expenses

Once you make contact with the dog’s owner and they refuse to do the responsible thing and pay for your injuries, and compensate you for damages, you need to consult an attorney. You will not be able to collect damages from the dog, and since a dog is property, your lawyer will be able to negotiate with the dog’s owner to get them to compensate you for your injuries.

A bite from a dog can be scary and traumatic. You can have scars, broken bones, damaged tendons, nerve damage, lacerations, and emotional scars. A bite victim may also develop a fear of dogs or have a fear that the dog does not have proper vaccinations. An attorney can investigate for you to find out if the dog has a history of vicious behavior or if they have had all of their shots. You will need to know these things in order to receive the appropriate medical treatment.

What Can a Lexington Dog Bite Attorney Do to Help Me?

If you or someone you love suffers injuries from a dog bite, you should immediately contact an attorney to schedule a consultation. A lawyer will be able to inform you of your rights and of whether or not you will be able to collect damages from the dog’s owner. An attorney will have resources to determine if the dog has a history of biting in the past, if the dog’s shots are up-to-date, and interview any witnesses to assess whether or not you did anything to irritate or provoke the dog into attacking you and causing injuries. You should take the time to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation to see if you are eligible to receive compensation. There is no need for you to suffer through your injuries alone, contact an attorney, and let them fight to get the dog’s owner to pay for the damages from the dog.

Call the Jeffcoat Injury and Car Accident Lawyers for Assistance with Your Lexington, SC Dog Bite Injury

A dog bite injury can cause serious physical and emotional damage. Call our office so we can discuss your case and determine how we can help you collect compensation for your injuries. We have the knowledge and the resources to investigate your situation and go after the responsible party, the dog owner. We will fight on your behalf to make sure your medical expenses receive compensation, and you get the justice you deserve.

Contact our office so we can immediately get to work on your dog bite case. We care about your situation and want to make sure you are able to recover from your injuries. Call us today for a no-obligation consultation.

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