Judge Orders 2-Year Cell Phone Ban in Sentence for Negligent Driver

The concept of distracted driving has been a part of the mainstream safety channels for nearly a decade – due in …

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Study on Damaging Effects of Antibiotic Overuse in Nursing Homes

An estimated 1.4 million Americans reside in more than 15,000 nursing homes today. Many of these seniors require post-acute treatment for …

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Nursing Home Charged with Abandoning 19 Residents

In one of the most shocking cases of nursing home abuse to make headlines, a facility in California has been …

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Sleeping Pill Use Markedly Similar to Drunk Driving

South Carolina car accident lawyer, Michael Jeffcoat, has been helping innocent victims who have been harmed by the reckless or …

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Plaintiffs Win $45.6 Million Medical Malpractice Award

A routine scoliosis surgery gone horribly wrong led to the paralysis and eventual death of a 22-year-old New York resident. As …

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High Infant Mortality Rate at Miami Pediatric Heart Surgery Unit

CNN recently published a scathing expose of the pediatric surgery unit at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Miami, where they …

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NHTSA Proposes Tougher Motorcycle Helmet Laws

At The Jeffcoat Firm, we strongly support measures to keep motorcyclists safe on the road here in South Carolina, including …

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Multi-vehicle Crash on I-26 Highlights Dangers Facing South Carolina Motorists

One of the victims involved in a 10-vehicle accident on Interstate 26 just outside of Columbia last week claims he …

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South Carolina Residents Struggle to Make Sense of Tragedy

The Charleston church shooting has shocked and horrified people across the nation. Last Wednesday, on June 17, a Bible study …

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South Carolina Car Accident Attorneys Warn of Pedal Error Dangers

Around 16,000 of all auto crashes that occur in the U.S. nationally could be attributed to pedal error, according to …

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